The Grass is Blue was a solo exhibition at Jewellers, Morecambe, 17/02 – 31/03/23

This exhibition is a diorama of Morecambe, using site-specific research to identify forms, colours and textures. Three motifs run through the work: bodies, natural landscape and high art. They overlap, swapping unexpected qualities with one another. Rocks become squashy and alive. Bodies are hard and stony. The title reflects this, taken from a Dolly Parton song where she describes a parallel state of being in which natural phenomena occur in their reverse, or exchange characteristics.

Another element which informed the work – both the making and the conceptual approach – is ongoing research which centralises my infant daughter, observing how she explores and gains knowledge of the world through her tactile and sensory experience of it.

All works were created from materials already in my home: plastic packaging; broken umbrella; quilt batting; powder fabric dye; spray paint; nail polish; thread; salt; flour; water; acrylic paint; live plants; piano backing fabric; old curtain; silver emergency blanket; cotton fabric; bedsheets.

A public workshop accompanied the exhibition. Read about it on my blog.