Subsidiary Projects, London, 20/03/20 – 29/03/20.
Explain Things to Me is an environment populated by animate objects. 
Video talks exploring the exhibition’s main themes and ideas can be found here.
My recipe for salt dough can be found here.
A reading library of keys texts can be found here.

This installation combines recent theories of material agency with sculptural production, exploring ideas about how matter influences behaviour, politics and ethics. All the work is constructed entirely from salt dough, exploring material’s ability to ‘bring things down in the world’. Bodies, food, art works and tools are awkward, self-conscious objects, made from the same stuff, all part of a complex network of material exchange.

Material carries multiple layers of meaning simultaneously, combining personal experience, social genealogy, physical characteristics and theoretical references. It places the artist into the roles of prospector, engineer and researcher. Material has the capacity to democratise contemporary art, functioning as an access point between artist and viewer.