Explain Things To Me will not be physically open, but can be viewed via digital resources for the duration of its opening and beyond. 

With the current situation surrounding the coronavirus, there is no way that my solo exhibition Explain Things To Me at Subsidiary Projects will be open to the public. Safety and responsibility come first. 

This was a difficult position to come to: as with all artists whose projects have been postponed or cancelled, the amount of work and energy that has been put into making this happen is hard to let go of. I’m thinking of all the others around the world who have shared this experience.

In this case, postponement is not an option. I’ve used my annual leave to be here, and the gallery is soon to become nomadic. It’s a case of now or never. 

Working with the curators, we’ve decided that, even though the show will not have a physical audience, we will channel our efforts into increasing opportunities for digital engagement. As such, we will be sharing increased content online which will explore the themes and ideas relating to the work digitally. 

This content will be released throughout the duration of the exhibition’s original opening run and can be accessed via both websites and instagram accounts from 20/03/2020:



If you’re interested in contacting me or the gallery about the exhibition, or as a means of increasing contact between artists and sharing experiences in this unstable time, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d be pleased to hear from you.


I am an artist and researcher.

I make sculptures which represent the material encounter with the environment, and the impact this has upon behaviour, ethics and social exchange.

My research reveals gaps in art criticism which overlook the political and social meanings embodied by material, and addresses them by creating space for artists and makers in academic writing.